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Prof. A.S. Chughtai is Dean and Professor of Pathology at Central Park Medical College. He graduated from King Edward Medical College in 1974. After his post-graduation, he spent over twenty years at King Edward Medical College, teaching under-graduate and post-graduate students. It was there that he developed a reputation as an excellent teacher and a mentor to many. Prof. Chughtai is the author of numerous research papers and is a member of the International Academy of Cytology. Having served as Professor of Pathology at Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad and at Lahore Medical and Dental College.

Message 2009

A sound medical education is not just about books, it is about the person you are, and the people you will care for. Those traits of caring and empathy are not usually found in textbooks. They are learnt from your teachers. I was fortunate that in my days at King Edward Medical College there were numerous such teacher who taught us not just the science, but also the art of medicine.
It is that tradition of teaching that I ask you to consider Central Park Medical College. We will certainly teach you all that you need to know for your exams, but we will also make sure that we surround you with people you can look up to, people who will show you what it means to be a doctor.

 Message 2014

The first batch of Central Park Medical College has graduated. A moment of happiness, gratitude and celebration for the graduates, parents, the faculty and above all the Chairman and all the trustees. Our young doctors and not just 'doctors'. They are good human beings and outstanding scientists of the future. The culture and the environment of CPMC has trained them to be a lot more than just being physicians. I am sure that these graduates and all the subsequent batches of CPMC graduates will make their country and nation proud of them. CPMC is setting great academic and extracurricular traditions. The students are doing amazing community service projects. The 'safe motherhood' fund raiser was a huge success. It will go a long way in improving the horrific infant and maternal mortality  rate in the area.  They have planted hundreds of trees at the campus in order to make the environment green and picturesque. All the classes make annual trips to the northern areas. There are bonfires, class functions, welcome and farewell parties, sports events, annual sports, musical programs, quiz competitions. All these activities go along an intense curricular and academic schedule. They are taught and trained by some of the most accomplished and dedicated teachers in their respective specialties. I am grateful to the Almighty for giving me the challenge and opportunity to transform young souls of our beloved country into thorough medical professionals and good human beings.


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